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At The Baker’s Son we like to be transparent which is why we have published an extensive question guide below. If there are questions we you have that we haven’t been answered please contact us.

When did The Baker’s Son launch?2022-07-03T14:43:00+12:00

The Baker’s Son brand was launched in October 2018.

What was your first product?2022-07-03T14:43:56+12:00

Our first product was a range of 2 Pack pies ‘Mince & Cheese, Butter Chicken, Steak & Cheese’ and a Sausage Roll 4 Pack.

What is your most popular product?2022-07-03T14:44:19+12:00

The Baker’s Son Vegan Mince & Cheddar* 200g

Is there really a bakers son?2022-07-03T14:44:47+12:00

Yes. There are two sons, Tom Grooten and Ben Grooten.

Who owns The Baker’s Son?2022-07-03T14:45:09+12:00

Dad’s Pies Ltd owns the The Baker’s Son brand.

Who owns Dad’s Pies Ltd pies?2022-07-03T14:45:59+12:00

Dad’s Pies is a subsidiary of George Weston Foods NZ Ltd.

When did Dad’s Pies start?2022-07-03T14:46:47+12:00

Dad’s Pies started in Red Beach in 1981.

Do you have any gluten free pies?2022-07-03T14:47:52+12:00

Not in The Baker’s Son range but we do have Dad’s Pies Gluten Free Angus Mince.

Where can I buy The Baker’s Son products?2022-07-03T14:48:21+12:00

On the ground you can purchase The Baker’s Son from participating Countdowns, New Worlds and Pak n Saves. While in the air from July 2022 you will be able to enjoy The Baker’s Son on Air New Zealand flights.

What kind of meat do you use?2022-07-03T14:48:53+12:00

Tom and Ben know that the best pies need to use the best ingredients. Which is why we use Angus Beef and Free-Range Chicken in The Baker’s Son products.

Where is your Angus beef from?2022-07-03T14:49:11+12:00

All of our meat is home grown all over New Zealand.

Do you have any chicken pies?2022-07-03T14:49:31+12:00

We do not currently have any Chicken pies in The Baker’s Son.

Is your chicken free range?2022-07-03T14:49:50+12:00

When we do bake chicken pies, we would only use Free-Range Chicken as Tom and Ben know that the best pies need the best ingredients.

Is your beef organic?2022-07-03T14:51:02+12:00

No, our meats are not organic. We use Angus beef and if we made a chicken pie it would be made with Free-Range breast meat.

Are your pies made with Halal certified meat?2022-07-03T14:51:22+12:00

Yes. Our meat is Halal certified but the bakery where the pies are made is not certified. Our pies are made on a line that also makes pork (bacon) products.

What kind of beef meat do you make your pies with?2022-07-03T14:51:41+12:00

We use a mix Angus Beef that is best suited for pie filling.

What kind of chicken meat do you make your pies with?2022-07-03T14:52:13+12:00

When we do make chicken pies. We would use Free-Range chicken breast.

Which pies are vegan?2022-07-03T14:53:21+12:00

The Baker’s Son has several vegan pies, Vegan Mince and Cheddar 200g Pie, Vegan Buttery Chick’n 200g Pies and Vegan Mince and Cheddar 750g Pie.

Which The Baker’s Son pies are vegan certified?2022-07-03T14:54:09+12:00

The Baker’s Son has several vegan pies that are certified, Vegan Mince & Cheddar* 200g, Vegan Mince & Cheddar* 750g, Vegan Buttery Chick’n 200g.

What ‘Mince’ is your vegan Mince and Cheddar made with?2022-07-03T14:54:25+12:00

We use a soy protein from a propriety supplier.

What ‘chicken’ is your vegan buttery chick’n made with?2022-07-03T14:54:42+12:00

We use a soy protein from a propriety supplier.

Is there butter in your vegan buttery chicken?2022-07-03T14:54:59+12:00

No, we use a vegetable margarine with butter flavour.

Why do you say your vegan buttery chicken is buttery?2022-07-03T14:55:18+12:00

To use the word ‘Butter’ in the product name, we would have to have real butter in the product. ‘Buttery’ still gives the customer an idea of what the flavour is without miss representing what the product is or breaching any food standards.

Is your buttery chick’n recipe authentic?2022-07-03T14:55:38+12:00

We developed our Buttery Chick’n recipe to appeal to a wide range of the market. It was not designed to be authentic but to appeal to the general Kiwi taste preferences.

What type of cheddar does the vegan Mince and cheddar use?2022-07-03T14:55:57+12:00

We use a Vegan Cheddar flavoured sauce to replicate cheese in the Vegan Mince & Cheddar* pie.

Isn’t cheddar cheese. How is that Vegan?2022-07-03T14:56:26+12:00

That’s why we have named it ‘Cheddar’ instead of ‘Cheddar cheese’. We are using a cheddar flavoured sauce to replicate the cheese in the pie.

What kind of pepper do you use for the Pepper Steak & Cheese?2022-07-03T14:57:17+12:00

The Baker’s Son Angus Pepper Steak & Cheese uses cracked black pepper.

What kind of cheese does the Pepper Steak & Cheese pie use?2022-07-03T14:58:15+12:00

We use a blend of chesses in our Angus Pepper Steak & Cheese pies.

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